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Experience Maldives Largest Integrated Leisure Destination

Experience Maldives Largest Integrated Leisure Destination

Male (Maldives) – July 25, 2019 ( – The Maldives, the world’s tropical paradise, is about to become even more magical with the grand opening of Crossroads by Singha Estate in September 2019. Located a mere 15-minute speedboat ride from Velena International Airport and Malé capital city, Crossroads is set to redefine the Maldives’ vacation experience as the nation’s largest integrated leisure and entertainment destination. Below the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean, Crossroads will be home to the Eight Wonders of the Maldives. Be prepared to undergo an experience like no other as you discover the underwater world at these eight diving spots:

1. Explore the Shallow Coral Reef at the Coral Village

Covering an area of 64,000 sqm, the Coral Village is an area dedicated to coral nursery and rehabilitation. Here, educated visitors are free to explore the beautiful coral reef nearby coral nursery in shallow waters.

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2. Visit the Iconic Tuna Sculptures and Brush Up Your Diving Skills

At about 6 meters underwater between SAii Lagoon Maldives and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives found not one but six Tuna Sculptures, the first-ever underwater sculptures in the Maldives. This is a safe zone where divers, novice or skilled, are taught to avoid interfering with the marine ecosystem before they set out to explore the open sea. At the diving site, you can expect to see hundreds of beautiful sea creatures including Maldivian Clownfishes lives with sea anemones.

3. Go Reef Snorkeling at Coral Garden

Surrounding Hard Rock and SAii Lagoon hotel is an area of shallow coral reef perfect for “reef snorkeling.” Here, you can expect to be greeted by a school of fish and various sea creatures as you explore the area designated for coral nursery and coral propagation.

4. Say Hello to Dolphins at Sunset Point

Sunset point is an area of shallow coral reef that is home to abundant underwater life. You are welcome to drop by for a quick snorkeling session as you bath in the sunset glow. If you’re in luck, you might even spot a pod of dolphins by the deep water!

5. Give Your Coral Knowledge a Boost at the Coral Patch

Not too far from The Marina @ Crossroads, there’s an area that is home to the coral reef nursery and coral reef monitoring. For those looking to educate themselves on the conservation of coral reefs, this is a must-see spot!

6. Greet Coral Reef Survivors at the Coral Recruit Site

Reserved as a diving spot for marine biologists and scientists, the coral recruit site is where one can find a diverse range of coral reefs that have survived coral bleaching. Once these corals break apart naturally, a team of marine biologists from the Marine Discovery Centre will recruit and transport them to the area for coral nursery.

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7. Be Blown Away by the Underwater World at the Helmuth Reef

The Helmuth reef is the perfect spot for those looking to scuba dive! Divers will be amazed by the majestic underwater world of the Maldives as they explore a wide range of coral reef and swim among herds of beautiful tropical fish. Don’t miss the chance to encounter the adorable Orange Basslet, Clown triggerfish, and if you’re lucky, the shoal of Skipjack tunas and the Devil rays!

8. Explore the Emboodhoo Canyon

Like the Helmuth Reef, Emboodhoo Canyon is a great spot for those who want to go scuba diving. At 18-meters deep, the area appears as a canyon-like shape which makes for an experience like no other. Keep an eye out for the rare visitors: Whitetip reef shark, Stingray, and Humphead wrasse.

Whether you are a seasoned diver looking to experience the beauty of the Maldivian waters, or a novice wanting to broaden your horizons, Crossroads has eight amazing spots in store for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get your snorkels on and get ready to dive into an adventure like never before!

About Crossroads Maldives

The development of the Crossroads project is set to redefine the Maldives’ vacation experience as the largest integrated leisure and recreation destination that will attract and captivate the international family-leisure markets to the Maldives.

Inspired by cultures from the East and the West at the crossing of Maritime Silk Road, the project is situated within the 7 km-long lagoons just 15 minutes from Male International Airport by boat presenting an easy access and unique offerings for travelers as well as the residents of the capital city. Featuring a luxurious yacht marina and a rich combination of hotels, entertainment, one-of-a-kind lifestyle beach club, retail and fine dining, the project also houses a cultural centre that will promote the life and crafts of the islands nation and introduce global practice sustainable tourism schemes dedicated to preserving the bio-diversity of the Maldives’ prestigious marine ecosystem and enhancing the well-being of the local community.