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For 100 Years World’s Watch and Jewellery Industry is Meeting in Basel

For 100 Years World’s Watch and Jewellery Industry is Meeting in Basel

Basel (Switzerland) – March 24, 2017 ( – Baselworld 2017, the premier trendsetting show for the entire global watch and jewellery industry, was inaugurated today for the 100th time in the presence of Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset.

Baselworld has grown into the unequalled and unrivalled international platform for global key players from the world of watches and jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, machines and supplies. By forward thinking and adapting to the ever-changing market needs, Baselworld has retained its premier position and is the only show that unites the entire industry. This is where professionals from all over the world convene to take the pulse of the industry, be inspired by the trendsetting innovations and creations, many of which are first unveiled at Baselworld, and to discover new trends.

A major media magnet, the show attracts thousands of journalists from television, print and digital every year who spread word of the latest collections around the world instantly creating an unparalleled global impact. Creations and collections showcased at Baselworld set the trends for the coming 12 months. Baselworld 2017 is poised to once again capture the hearts and minds of professionals and consumers around the world. Baselworld 2017 will run from 23 to 30 March 2017.

Premier Global Show Contributes to MCH Group’s Global Standing
Mr René Kamm, CEO of the MCH Group, welcomed Federal Councillor Alain Berset and all present to the 100th anniversary edition of Baselworld, saying that “we are honoured to have him open Baselworld 2017.” Mr Kamm went to mention that the show has been a part of the MCH group’s journey from the outset and that historically speaking from an international perspective, “Baselworld has undoubtedly contributed significantly to our group’s global standing.”

A Celebration of Beauty, Perfection and Dedication
“At Baselworld, beauty, perfection and dedication are celebrated,” said Federal Councillor Alain Berset. The Watch and Jewellery show, Baselworld, also represents a work ethos “without which there could be no excellence; an ethos that exemplifies our country, and not just the watch industry.” Since hardly any industry is as strongly associated with Switzerland and its lifestyle as the watch industry, Councillor Berset concluded by saying: “We measure thousands of seconds, but we still have a long time horizon.”

Baselworld: a Century of Reinventing and Transforming to Reflect an Ever-changing Market
Ms Sylvie Ritter, Managing Director of Baselworld, welcomed all present to the world of watchmaking and jewellery with this special edition of Baselworld. Special and noteworthy because the show is celebrating its 100th anniversary. She emphasised that for a century, watchmakers and jewellers have presented their creations right here, in the heart of Basel, to visitors to Switzerland and consumers around the world! This represents 100 years that “Baselworld is a key date in the calendar of the industry and that each new edition is awaited with interest, and often with great anticipation.”

Ms Ritter took a moment to present a retrospective with highlights and milestones that have marked the course of Baselworld, saying that, “in a century of its existence, our show has naturally seen extremely good times, but also experienced more difficult, more unstable times.” This reflection served to establish an important fact: “By forward thinking, we have built the most important world event for the watch and jewellery industry.”

She reiterated the reasons for Baselworld’s achieving and holding the coveted premier position as the result of, “us succeeding in reinventing, renewing, adapting, modernising and continually transforming ourselves, thereby permanently reflecting a constantly changing market.” Ms Ritter insisted that “this is what we will continue to do. Looking to the future, this is our vocation.”

Addressing the more recent times, Ms Ritter found that there was no need to dwell on the past 12 months which have been difficult, and have “compelled a certain number of players to leave the watch and jewellery industry and therefore not attend Baselworld.” Reason enough, she said, to “once again adapt the exhibition concept, to transform Baselworld so that the show continues to reflect the world market.”

She concluded the topic with a strong statement that perfectly underlines the Baselworld philosophy: “As you know, the very essence of a show is to reflect the market, to meet the expectations of its various players (be they exhibitors, buyers or the media), and therefore be constantly changing. Baselworld has never been static and never will be!”

Passion as the Motor That Drives the Industry and Unites All Key Players at Baselworld
Mr Christoph Brutschin, Cantonal Council Member Basel-Stadt, welcomed the guests to Baselworld and conveyed the best wishes of the governments of Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt. Addressing the age of digitization, Mr Brutschin believes that no matter what industry we look at, whether local or global, networking, digitization, data access and usage as well as speed drive economic change. To stay up-to-date, however, almost everything needs an “update.” What he finds more reassuring is the fact that parallel to this strong dynamic in the digital landscape, the passion for the tradition of hand-crafted, high-quality watches and jewellery has for centuries held an irreplaceable place in the hearts of mankind. “It is precisely this passion that connects us at Baselworld.” What remains unique is that this passion does not need an “update”. He went on to remind the audience that, “despite all the digitization, the ideas and passion of the people are still behind the most innovative creations.” On a closing note, Mr Brutschin congratulated Baselworld on celebrating its 100th anniversary saying, “Every year, new stories are written at Baselworld, (so) let us look forward to the luxury of experiencing the magic of the watch and jewellery industry again in Basel in the coming days.”

Baselworld 2017 is currently held in Basel from 23 – 30 March 2017.