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Indonesia Boosts Digital Ecosystem at Techsauce Global Summit

Indonesia Boosts Digital Ecosystem at Techsauce Global Summit

Jakarta (Indonesia) – June 28, 2019 ( – The Indonesian government is hard at work in making the country the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. One of their efforts to achieve this is by participating in an event that will open investment opportunities, which can grow the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. As reported, the Indonesia Pavilion at the Techsauce Global Summit 2019, in Bangkok, is the fruition of collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Information and an online media portal. The event gathered 400 speakers, 1,000 start-ups, around 500 journalists, and more than 500 investors from 40 countries. Techsauce Global Summit 2019 is a huge digital transformation meeting. Participating in it is an avenue that introduced the Indonesian digital start-ups to the global arena. Having an Indonesia Pavilion at the event is a strategic step to promote the name of Indonesia as the largest digital economy country in ASEAN.

The Indonesia Pavilion
The Indonesia Pavilion showcased the new start-ups emerging in Indonesia, thereby providing access to the Indonesian start-up ecosystem and the Indonesian government.

It also focused on attracting more investors and building strategic partnerships between Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

The Ministry of Communication and Information and the online media portal had an exhibition booth and two talks by Indonesian ecosystem players.

The two topics of discussion centred on “Evolution Towards the New Era of Media” and “Advancing Women Leaders in Tech.”

The first talk covered the evolution concerning the new era of media as well as predictions and insights about the future of media in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the second discussion examined the access and opportunities that will empower businesses as well as initiatives aimed at solving gender gap challenges. A discussion on advancing female leaders in technology was also included.

Several selected start-ups representing the most influential start-ups in the country filled the exhibition.

One start-up is an integrated social trading platform with AI that is supported by chatbots and special solutions to help social media converters chat in sales.

Another start-up is a platform that connects offline service traders with online consumers about the power of AI technology from massive O2O consumer data.

Disaster information updates real time
In other news, an innovation from Indonesia was recently recognised in the Ensuring Integrated Approach in Public Sector Institutions category at the United Nations Public Service Awards 2019. from the National Disaster Management Agency is a free website-based platform that produces spatial visualisation of disaster information in real time.

The platform utilises the use of social media and instant messaging during disaster events to collect and filter the current conditions, which are confirmed by residents in the locations around the incident.

The platform, formerly called, performed well during a flood in Jakarta in 2017. At that time, it collected flood data and information in real time.

The impact of the disaster was immediately mapped as thousands of users accessed the site, reporting flooding incidents, in less than 12 hours.

By providing valid disaster information, it allows people to save themselves and share that information in order to save others as well.

This innovation is intended for the general public, especially the lower middle class and the community with limited access to facilities.