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Siam Summer Getaway to Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok

Siam Summer Getaway to Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok

Bangkok (Thailand) – April 17, 2018 ( – Siam Summer Getaway integrated One Siam Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, welcoming Songkran and inheriting beautiful culture, worshiping sacred ancient Buddha, tasting authentic Thai foods, and opening various travel experience from today until 16 April 2017.

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd, a collaboration between 3 leading shopping centers as One Siam: Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery joins force with the government and private sectors to celebrate, inherit beautiful culture Songkan Festival as well as help promote tourism growth, organized Siam Summer Getaway between 12-16 April 2018 at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery. To celebrate Songkran Festival, the company respectfully has invited nine sacred ancient Buddha for people worshipping, and set up exhibitions including digital installation art and activities such as a demonstration of Thai incense making (Nam-ob or Thai perfume) and a demonstration of doing Bai Toey flower to worship Buddha, while also gather more than 50 famous Thai food and dessert restaurants for people to taste at 3 shopping centers.

The opening ceremony was held on Thursday 12 April 2018 at Hall of Fame, M Floor, Siam Paragon. Culture Minister Weera Rojpotchanarat presided over the opening ceremony, joining by Permanent Secretary for Culture Kitayapong Siri, and Naratipe Ruttapradid, Executive of Siam Piwat., and famous actor at the moment Panjan-Porama Imanothai and actress Prang- Kannarun Wongkhajonkai, both dressed traditional Thai costume with valuable diamond jewelry worth over 50 million Baht from Der Mond Jewelry to do many activities at event.

Naratipe Ruttapradid, Senior Executive Vice President – Operations of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd, said To celebrate the Songkran Festival this year, Siam Piwat joining forces among three leading shopping centers at Siam area launched “Siam Summer Getaway” for Thai people and international tourists to enjoy the traditional Thai atmosphere and Thai culture. At Siam Paragon as travel destination for tourists from all over the world, the nine sacred ancient Buddha statues—treasures of the Kingdom from Bangkok National Museum—has been enshrined for people to pay respect during the event. Moreover, various feature activities and exhibition of the pouring-water-and-asking-for-blessing sets were organized, while more than 50 famous Thai foods have been gathered at the event. At Siam Center, the Ideaopolis organized simulation travel destination exhibition to inspire travellers during the summer, while also have famous café for entertaining coffee lover to taste of the aromatic flavor of fine coffee. At Siam Discovery, the Exploratorium, invited everyone to discover themselves with digital installation art. Activity participants can post their travel photo in the Instagram and get a chance to win complimentary air tickets for a year, while many joyful activities are waiting for Thai and foreign tourists to join at the event.

The highlight activity for this year’s Songkran celebrations at Siam Paragon come under the concept of Siam Paragon Wonderful Songkran, welcoming tourists with Thai atmosphere and joining campaign to promote people to wear traditional Thai costume. With a collaboration with Fine Arts Department, the Cultural promotion Department, Culture Ministry, Siam Paragon featured the invitation of the nine sacred ancient Buddha statues, which are considered as the treasures of the Kingdom, to be enshrined at Hall of Fame, M Floor in Siam Paragon Shopping Center.

The nine sacred Buddha statues include 1. Standing Buddha in Double Preaching 2. Medicine Buddha 3. Buddha Holding A Talapatta 4. Reclining Buddha 5. Buddha Stopping The Relatives From Fighting 6.Phra Hai Sok (Healing Sadness Buddha Image) 7. Phra Chai of Nakhon Ratchasima 8. Phra Buddha Sihing in Phutthai Sawan Chapel 9. Buddhga Wlaking in Meditation. Moreover, there were activities such as a demonstration of Thai incense making (Nam-ob or Thai perfume) and a demonstration of doing Bai Toey flower to worship Buddha, which are Suvarnabhumi people local wisdom, while also have exhibition on Thai Songkran history to educate people about valuable history and Thai traditional for Thai and foreigners to learn.

At the Parc Paragon, a food festival on Songkran Food Fest: Taste of Thai Tradition has been organized, bringing more than 50 famous and authentic Thai foods from five categories including Thai rice, Thai noodle, Thai desserts, Thai appetite, and Thai beverage such as Khao Chae Phetchaburi (Rice soaked in cool water) Talad Nang Lerng, Prang Nara Porkball, Chao Wang Fried-pork Siriraj Wang Lang, Grilled-chicken and Grilled-beef Bangmeen, Baan Kanom Thai Chao Wang The Old Siam, and Pork Sago- Thai steamed rice dumpling Mae Kee Ratchawat and etc. The event is decorated with natural materials that reflect the art, culture and abundance of the Kingdom of Thailand from a contemporary perspective to the city living.

At Siam Center, the Ideaopolis, get ready for summer under the concept SIAM CENTER Summer Journey Exhibition” has brought everyone to open new experiences in the latest simulation travel destination exhibition to inspire people creativity and travel during this summer. Also, there has been hip café from Chiang Mai RK Café by Omnia, to impress coffee lover experience the aroma of coffee beans and another cool cafe “Museum Of Everything Jinglebell” – chic café gathering vintage items from around the world as a small museum for people to shop for fun from today to 31 May 2018.

Siam Discovery, The Exploratorium, has invited you to explore the world and discover new identities with the “Summer Exploratorium” campaign in digital installation art format by posting your impressive trip photo on the Instagram and tagged with #godiscoversummer #siamdiscovery, which EyeEm, giant photography who create photo community from all over the world will judge and select winner photos. The winner of the first prize will be awarded a one year complimentary air tickets from AirAsia. The second winner (10 prizes) will receive a gift voucher worth 5,000 baht from Siam Discovery. The photo contest will be held from now until April 30th. Moreover, Siam Discovery has also brought Thai traditional food shops from Rattanakosin Island such as Chao Le Crispy Mussel Pancake, Nai Aun Yen Ta Fo Noodle, Steamed Chives Dumpling Khun Mae, Thai pandan Short Vermicelli in Palm-Sugar Coconut Milk from St. Louis and etc to serve you at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery.

In addition, during today until 16 April, the food lovers only show receipts from restaurants in three shopping centers worth 1,000 baht or more and dress in traditional Thai costume, gets a Siam Gift Card worth 500 Baht (limited) for dining and shopping at participants’ restaurants and shops at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery.

For a world-class entertainment destination including Sea Life Bangkok, launches the adventure under the sea during the summer on “Amazing story from the deep sea” combines technology presenting animation on the giant screen over 10 meters, Kid Zania Bangkok invites children to experience the Thai style of fun activities such as tom-tom- a tall narrow drum parade, and special shows, while Paragon Cineplex, well-known as Thailand’s largest Cineplex, invites people to wear traditional Thai costume to buy ticket and get one free ticket, while AIS Imax VR, provides 50% discount for movie fans who buy ticket for Ready Player One.

Let’s join in preserving Thai culture in the great Songkran festival filled with an atmosphere of happiness at Siam Summer Getaway from today until 16 April 2018 at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery.