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Sustainable Fun Filled Island Adventure in Langkawi

Sustainable Fun Filled Island Adventure in Langkawi

Langkawi, Kedah (Malaysia) – January 7, 2020 ( – Umgawa Legendary Adventures has gained much love from Mother Earth! Running an eco-adventure business in an authentic manner has brought diverse cultures and believes under one roof. Cultivating the pillars of sustainability for the future generation. Umgawa™ designs and builds an exclusive adventure experience for everyone, whilst providing travellers a window into the true ethos of Malaysia’s breath-taking wilderness and culture.

Constantly striving to preserve the ecosystem and contributing to the economic growth of Langkawi, we aim to provide our partner and guests a true legendary experience – filled with wild rides, endemic animals and authenticity of the local culture. We create an intoxicating and unforgettable aerial canopy voyage and nature experience for visitors of all ages.

Our primary practices are safety, service quality and of course our sensitivity levels to the environment and local communities. These are the main factors that drive our business in making it sustainable. We are eco-friendly, with no nail installations and no contact of metallic parts that are inserted into the trees. All elements are completely built from eco-friendly and sustainable top-quality materials made possible with minimal maintenance. The usage of the highest quality tropical timber that is highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew and wire ropes that are highly resistant to abrasion, this allows us to cultivate renewable resources and nature can harvest without pollution.

Leveraging on the strength of the natural plant eco-system, by using the art belay system and safety equipment. Guests are able to view the local rainforest ecosystem and sight the native wildlife and indigenous species that surrounds the grounds of Umgawa™.

When our guests arrive, our dedicated rangers will provide insights of how to care for the environment not only at our ground but throughout the journey. Global warming has been taken seriously in the past decade, and we thrive to do our part in promoting an environment friendly legendary adventure.

Environmental practices do not limit to the area of Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells Waterfalls) but extends to the entire island of Langkawi. We take great care in educating all visitors regarding the little environmental practices that they can take-away with them.

Umgawa Legendary Adventures meets the needs of the present without having to compromise the ability of the future generations to achieve the purpose of preservation. Plants at our medicinal herbs garden enable staffs to be enlightened on the benefits of flora and fauna thus making this knowledge eco-system friendly. Engaging in our definition of corporate social responsibility, as we practice ethical methods of being sustainable.

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