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The Ultimate Champagne Dinner Unveiled at IT & CMA Bangkok

The Ultimate Champagne Dinner Unveiled at IT & CMA Bangkok

Bangkok (Thailand) – September 26, 2017 ( – Premier Incoming Group Services (PIGS DMC) has unveiled The Ultimate Champagne Dinner, an exclusive dining experience for 12 to 36 guests. The “Ultimate” dinner experience features seven rare vintage champagnes, imported exclusively for the event and not commercially available. A seven course Michelin inspired menu, that is customisable to client’s dietary preferences, is paired with the seven Champagnes. A carefully curated musical programme of classic vinyl, live jazz vocals and Grand Opera Thailand accompanies the Champagne menu. The entertainment programme also provides every guest with the opportunity to try their hand at the act of Sabrage, where the top of a champagne bottle is sliced off using a sabre, with the expert guidance of Confrérie du Sabre d’Or.

“This is the Rolls Royce of dinners” commented Athikom Jeerapairotekun (AJ), Managing Director of PIGS and mastermind behind the unique dining experience. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and, due to the scarcity of the vintage Champagnes, this is not for everyone and reserved for a very exclusive and extra special occasion.”

AJ added “This is a dinner for one in a million, as the cost of the event provides a natural selection for only the very privileged few. The Ultimate Champagne Dinner includes seven rare champagnes, a seven course Michelin inspired menu, musical and Sabrage performances, decoration, audio-lighting production and event management.”

Venue for the event is not included in the arrangement as PIGS aims to keep the arrangement open for client preferences. “Our preferred venues would be Nai Lert Heritage House in central Bangkok for a VIP group of 12 to 16. We also have a couple of palaces and historic landmarks that we can open doors to, as venue for the event. For those clients wishing to have the ultimate dinner outside the capital, we would love to arrange this at The Slate in Phuket, going south, or up north at 137 Pillars Chiang Mai or Dhara Dhevi. The venue is complete flexible, but needs to be fabulous” added AJ.

The seven Champagnes comprise of five rare vintages and two rosé – pink Champagnes, all specially imported by special arrangement and six months advance reservation.

Asked about the recent sharp hike in excise tax on alcohol in Thailand, which has come into effect this month, and the impact on the dinner, Athikom replied “The substantial increase in tax will impact the majority of MICE groups, especially those arranged on a low budget. However, The Ultimate Champagne Dinner is targeted at ultra-high net worth executives, where corporates have a seven-digit budget to impress and reward their crème de la crème.” AJ declined to disclose the cost of the dinner, saying that we are discussing arrangements discreetly with serious clients. However, the cost is very close to THB 100,000 per person. “We’ve seen a million Baht dinner staged in Bangkok. Our ultimate dining experience comes in at a fraction of this cost.” disclosed AJ.

The event is presented exclusively by PIGS DMC who are working with Italasia, Lauren-Perrier Group, Michelin starred chef, Grand Opera Thailand, Jazz Overtones, Classic Vinyl Sundays and Confrérie du Sabre d’Or.

For further information, please contact:
Athikom “AJ” Jeerapairotekun
Managing Director
PIGS Co.Ltd.
Tel. +66 819 071 908