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Unique Forum on Thailand, Greatest Story in Global Tourism History

Unique Forum on Thailand, Greatest Story in Global Tourism History

Bangkok (Thailand) – April 24, 2019 ( –The upcoming 60th anniversary of both Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways International, the two founding pillars of Thai tourism, in 2020 will be a good opportunity for some serious reflection on the past, present and future of what is now the kingdom’s leading job-creating industry.

In Thai and Asian culture, the auspicious completion of the 5th cycle of life marks a “Coming of Age”. But it is also a time for “soul-searching” on how to manage the realities of “ageing”.

On Friday, June 14, 2019, for the first time, a unique Forum will be organised at the Arnoma Grand Bangkok, to reflect on how Thai travel & tourism reached the current lofty heights and the challenges it faces.  The Forum will take place from 9.30 hrs. to 16.30 hrs.

According to forum organiser and chief presenter Imtiaz Muqbil, Executive Editor of Travel Impact Newswire, Thailand is the Greatest Story in Global Tourism HiSTORY. However, Thai tourism is now an “ageing industry” in search of ways to reinvent and reposition itself in an era of intense competition and mind-boggling change.

Mr. Muqbil, who has been reporting on Thai tourism since 1981, will be sharing his unmatched archives of reports, studies and notes on Thai tourism, how it has grown and overcome many global, regional and local crises.

Says Mr. Muqbil, “Over the next many months, dozens of seminars, forums and conferences will be held to assess the state of play. Many will be “official”, sponsored events with the usual congratulatory back-thumping. My forum will be more realistic, honest and balanced.”

The Forum, to be conducted in English, is an independent, non-sponsored event designed to ensure maximum freedom of independent discussion. It is perfectly targeted at the emerging generation of young Thai tourism leaders, expatriate travel & tourism executives (especially those newly arrived in Thailand), investors, diplomats, civil society activists, UN and other multilateral agency representatives, marketing consultants, and Chambers of Commerce members.

New emerging destinations in Asia and Africa, especially states, provinces and cities, will find it a good opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of the Thai tourism experience.

As the forum is meant for serious connoisseurs and students of Thai tourism history, attendance is being capped at 25. Please drop Imtiaz Muqbil an email to get further details on costs and other arrangements.

Contact: Imtiaz Muqbil, 02 2551480, 02 2537590. Email: